more practice

That’s from last week, while I was experimenting in class. 

Sorry for the lack of update. I leave the hostel after breakfast and only come back after dinner (then I’m too tired to even think).

So much to do and see in London! :)

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Harry Potter locations

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today was fangirling day

The flowers at the Regent’s Park have the best names 

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Ahhh also my Lolita cover is getting a few notes and some people asked about my interpretation. I’ll answer as soon as I arrive and have Internet in London because this is a subject I’m really passionate about :)

Day 27: an animal that has your fave color in it

the fox and the hound was on today…

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Day 26: the weather outside

today we had another day of blue sky with some clouds and a temperature of 26ºC

you know, tropical winter